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Monday, 21 January 2013

why i came after her :')

dearest - my sweet :)

hai. its been a long time. yeahh , where's all the post bout you? here. i keep silently in my heart. the one i used to know before had walk out slowly from my life. though its hard. though is hurt. but that's the reality. and yeah sometimes reality really hit me. i should'nt fallin for him. that was my mistakes. but the biggest mistake i did is denying all the things that happened between us. well, its kinda stupid when i keep supporting him for what he want and all that thing was actually make him more far from me. and now , he already got what he want. that was his happiness. and im happy for him. at least , one of us got what itself want. i learn how to let him go. i try to forgot all the memories between us. but then , i realised the memories will never fade away. im happy to had him as a part of my life. in a short time, God send me someone to strong my heart and light my way. thanks God. he is amazing. and he did make me smile and laughed happily. i miss him. i miss how he always pujuk me and ask my attention. i miss reading the old long text from him. and the words that really touched my heart when he says ' why i don't meet u first ' ..... :) did u know how much it mean to me. no other words to explained. how you always complained my grammar , comment my english word. even that things show my stupidity , but its a funny thing for both of us. we spend most of the time sitting in the car and thinking where is our next destination until we decided no other place to go except So -.- . playing Steps with you , even u were so noob. but then u get jealous when i play romantic mode with others player. i like to saw that actually. disturbing u playing Dota. helping u flirting with other girl eventhough i feel so jealous. Cook for you, well actually i nvr cooked for anyone before. u are my first client , and not bad. still , i win u heart with my delicious own recipe. still remember 27 october 2012. that was the day , we went to keningau. everything was fine and good but then u lost ur mode when she told u that she will send her last pic for u. and that time , i really pissed off with her. why? why don't she realised how much u love her. why she make u sad. i can't... i can't let anyone hurt ur feelings. cause i feel hurt too.. u never knew what i felt towards u, cause all i want to happened is seeing u with her. cause i know u had did everything for her. when u told me about the present u bought for her and all ur hardwork.. i whispered in my heart.. 'if i was her'................... and i still remember the saddest day , when u know she still contact with her Ex and another 2 person waiting for her answer and u felt like u just another choices. the day i saw u really miserable , and i told u a lot of things. and i was hoping that time u realised , im standing in front of u now. i were there. im always here for u. but then , things was'nt happened like that. God listened ur pray. God opened her heart for you. u promise u will always come for me. nothing gonna change even u got her. u promise i still the number Two. u promise u will always prepared a little time for me. u promise u will text me at least once a week. and i wait... im waiting all the time. i met someone but does'nt mean i forgot u easily. u said i will b happy with him. and i said yeahh. all i wanna do is making u happy when u see me happy even im not. i miss your voice and ur caring towards me. i miss our midnite calling , when u said u can't sleep and i will immediately call u.. yeahh , all i wanna do is watching u happy. i don't have to mention ur name here. its too dangerous. im sorry if i posting this thing and make u felt uncomfortable , annoying or mad. i got no one to talk with , and no one will understand what is the real situation. till then , i wish the best for u. God bless and protect u always. im leaving soon. u already got her to be with u. and all u had to do now is take a good care of ur relationship yea. i always pray for you. i will never forget u , the owner of keychain in my wallet :)

sincerely ,
ur hunn :)